"NGS and non-coding RNA data analysis" workshop II (2014)

15-16 May, Plovdiv, Bulgaria






The SeqAhead COST action BM1006 is organising a 2 day workshop with presentations on non-coding RNA (ncRNA) research, bioinformatics, data analysis and stimulate discussions between biologists and bioinformaticians. 
The Workshop will concentrate on current topics in NGS and non-coding RNAs, with special emphasis on data analysis. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to bring closer software developers, bioinformaticians and experimental scientists, bridging the gap between users' needs and developers' goals.
Workshop Target:
-biologists with research in ncRNA applying or planning to apply Next Generation Sequencing technologies
-bioinformaticians involved in data analysis or developing algorithms for data analysis of ncRNA data.


This Workshop is sponsored by COST  and thanks to the generous funding, no registration charges will be applied.
There are limited workshop places left, we are closing the registration on 19 April!

Abstract submission

SeqAhead will support up to 4 young EU researchers covering travel and accommodation costs.  Therefore we invite you to submit an abstract to be selected (before April 12) . After the submission our program committee will notify the selected participant. 
Update: Selected researchers for travel grants - Dr. Domenica D'Elia; Dr. Runxuan Zhang
Limited abstracts will be selected also for short oral talks.
The deadline for the abstract submission for oral talk is April 20, 2014.  After the submission our program committee will notify the selected participant for the oral talk. 
Please e-mail your abstract to {office@plantgene.eu} providing a MS Office document with the title, authors, affiliation contacts and abstract, or use our sample form [download].


Invited speakers:

Dr. Andreas Gisel 
Institute for Biomedical Technologies (ITB - CNR) in Bari, Italy.
Prof. Tamas Dalmay 
Professor of RNA Biology, School of Biological Sciences
University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, UK
Dr. Thomas J. Hardcastle
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge, UK
Dr. Sébastien Pfeffer
University of Strasbourg
Institut of molecular and cell biology of CNRS, France
Prof. Artemis Hatzigeorgiou
Principal Investigator at the B.S.R.C. "Alexander Fleming" , Greece
Adjunct assistant Professor at
the University of Pennsylvania (Upenn)
Dr. Hikmet Budak
Sabanci University (SU), Turkey
Prof. Ruud de Maagd
Plant Research International
Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Prof. Wojciech M. Karlowski
Laboratory of Computational Genomics
Institute of Molecular Biology
A. Mickiewicz University, Poland
Dr. Michael Hackenberg
Department of Genetics
University of Granada, Spain
Prof. Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo
McGill Centre for Bioinformatics
University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada
Dr. Domenica D'Elia
Institute for Biomedical Technologies (ITB - CNR) in Bari, Italy.


Venue and Accomodations

Venue: Trimontium Princess Hotel


Trimontium Princess Hotel
2 Kap. Raicho str.
4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Google Maps Coordinates:


Speakers will be accommodated at this hotel. We reserved additional rooms for this special price for participants.

In order to be accommodated in the venue hotel please contact us to proceed your booking. The booking proccess  in the hotel requires advanced payment via bank transfer so please contact us to give you the detail information. The booking should be made before May 1st.



For more specific information please contact Dr. Vesselin Baev {vebaev @ plantgene.eu}
University of Plovdiv
Dept.Plant Phys and Mol Biol
Tzar Assen 24
4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Dept.PPMB (University of Plovdiv) is situated in the Old town of Plovdiv next to The Ancient Roman Theater