Head of Department

NAME: Ivan Nikifirov Minkov

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: December 21, 1949, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


EDUCATION: University of Plovdiv, Biological Faculty, Bulgaria.

DEGREES: BS and MSc. in Biology, Ph.D., DSs (Doctor of Sciences).

POSITIONS HELD: Associate Professorship, Full Professorship.

Contact Address:

Faculty of Biology, University of Plovdiv

"Tsar Assen" 24 Str. 4000 Plovdiv

Tel:  +359 32 629 495

Fax: +359 32 629 495

Home: +359 32 639 020

Mobile:  0899 197 057

email: minkov @ uni-plovdiv.bg


1. Member of the Bulgarian Union of Scientist,

2. Member of the European Association on Photobiology,

3. Member of the Scandinavian Society of Plant Physiology,

4. Member of the European Society of Plant Physiology (FESPP).


English - writing, speaking, and understanding - very well.

Russian - writing, speaking, understanding - perfect.


1972 Technical assistance fellowship, Department of Biochemistry, University of Plovdiv,

1973 Technical assistance fellowship, Tobacco Research Institute, Dept. of Plant Physiology

1974 - 1977 Ph.D. Student, Department of Plant Physiology, University of Plovdiv.

1977 - Ph.D. in Biology

1978-1980 - Assistant Professorship in Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology.

April, 1988 - A course on fluorescence in the Perkin-Elmer Training Center, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, U.K.

1980-1987 - Lecturer in Molecular Biology.

1983 Guest Researcher, Gothenburg University, Plant Physiology Dept., Botanical Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden.

1986-1987 Guest Researcher, Gothenburg University, Plant Physiology Dept., Botanical Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) fellowship.

1988 - Associate Professorship in Molecular Biology, Department of Plant Physiology, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

14 days in 1988, 10 days in 1989, 20 days in 1992 - Guest Researcher, Gothenburg University, Plant Physiology Dept., Botanical Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden.

20 days in 1987, 14 days in 1989, 10 days in 1990 - Guest Researcher, Institute of Photobilogy, Minsk, Belorusia.

1989 ?2002 - Head of the Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology Department, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

1994 - D.Sc. in Biology

1995 - 1999 Deputy Dean of Biological Faculty, University of Plovdiv

1996 - Full Professor Fellowship in Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology.

1996-1998 Coordinator of a JEP on EC-TEMPUS Program - Introducing MSc on Plant Biotechnology in higher education in Bulgaria (480 000 Euro for 3 years). With: Free University, Department of Genetics, Amsterdam, Netherlands, University of Gent, Laboratory of Genetics in Flemish Institute of Biotechnology, Belgium; University of Gothenburg, Department of Plant Physiology, Sweden.

1996-1999 - Local coordinator JEP on EC TEMPUS Program (11281-96) - Introduction of a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology (about 380 000 Euro for 3 years). With: UMIST - Department of Molecular Genetics, Manchester, U.K.; University of Crete, Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology; AGRENA - France; Institute of Molecular Parasitology and Biomedicine, Grenada, Spain.

1998-1999 - Coordinator of a CME project on EC-TEMPUS Program - Institutional Self-Evaluation System in Two Bulgarian Universities .With: Kings College, London, U.K., CNE, Paris, France. (34 000 Euro for 1 year).

1999-2001 Local coordinator JEP on EC TEMPUS Program - Introducing MSc degree on Molecular and Cell Biology in Bulgarian Universities (140 000 Euro for 2 years).

1998 - Member of the Supreme Certifying Commission at the Council of Ministers - for certifying of Scientific Degrees and Position in science and education in Bulgaria.

1995-2001 Number of missions in different Universities in Europe, connected with the projects from European Community Program TEMPUS for restructuring of the higher education in Bulgaria ? Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, U.K., Netherlands, Spain (see above).


1983 Symposium Photomorphogenesis in Plants, Frostavalen, Sweden.

1983 Photosynthesis Congress, Brussels, Belgium.

1983 Symposium Protochlorophyllide Reduction and Greening, Brussels, Belgium.

1985 Symposium Photomorphogenesis in Plants, Vageningen, Holland.

1988 - XXV Symposium on Photosynthesis Research, 10-15 Oct., Tolbukhin, Bulgaria.

1989 Satellite Meeting of the Photosynthesis Congress Regulation of synthesis and assembly of pigment-protein complexes, Hindos, Sweden.

1990 Second Congress of the Plant Physiology Society in USSR, 24-29 Sept., Minsk, Belorusia.

1994 - Tenth Balkan Biochemical and Biophysical Days, Varna, 22-25 May, Bulgaria.

1995 - Workshop Stress Physiology and Plant Growth Regulators. 12-16 Sept., Varna. Bulgaria.

1998 - Fourth International Workshop on Orobanche Research, 23-26 September, Albena, Bulgaria.

1998 - Congress of Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology, (FESPP), September, 1998, Varna, Bulgaria.

2001 ? Meeting "Together in the Future", 17-22 January, Tübingen, Germany. Conference for cooperation between Baden-Würtemberg Universities, Eastern Europe Universities, and the Swiss National Science Fund.


1. Supervisor of 6 Ph D students (four already defended their Ph.D. theses).

2. Supervising and training of assistants (lecturers).

3. Organization of advanced courses for Ph D. students and undergraduate students, including teaching - e.g. molecular biology, cell-and tissue culture, cell biology, plant molecular genetics, molecular plant development, molecular evolution.

4. Organizing a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology at Biological Faculty, University of Plovdiv.

5. Organizing a Masters Degree in Plant Biotechnology at Biological Faculty, University of Plovdiv

6. Organizing a Bachelor Degree in Molecular and Cell Biology at Biological Faculty, University of Plovdiv

7. Organizing a laboratory of Plant Genetic Engineering at the Department of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology.

8. Organizing a laboratory of Molecular Biology and Lecture Hall at the Department of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology.

9. Head of a group for Self-evaluation and Institutional Accreditation at the Faculty of Biology.


• Molecular Biology - full lecture course with seminars (60 h lectures + 15 h of seminars)

• Molecular Genetics - full lecture course with seminars (45 h lectures + 15 h of seminars)

• Cell Biology (delivered for 5 years - 1991-1995, 60 h lectures)

• Plant Physiology and Plant Biochemistry - practicals.

• Genetic Engineering (delivered for 1 year - 1990, 45 h lectures)

• Chloroplast Development in Higher Plants - postgraduate course (45 h lectures, 15 h seminars).

• Molecular Evolution ? to start September, 2002- for a MSc course in Cell and Molecular Biology


From 1973 to 2000 participation and leadership in different research projects on the following subjects:

• - Chloroplast Development and Chlorophyll Synthesis

• - Physiology, Biochemistry and Cell Ultrastructure Higher Plants

• - Photosynthesis and Productivity of Higher Plants

• - The Distribution of Photosynthetic Products in Higher Plants

• - Regulation of Nitrate Reduction and Nitrate Reductase and Activity in Higher Plants.

• - Decrease of Free Nitrates in Vegetables by Means of Exogenous Treatment.

• - Use of DNA markers in taxonomy of parasitic plants (Orobanche).

• - Molecular Basis of Plant Stress Response ? Photooxidative Stress in Higher Plants.


Chloroplast Development - Synthesis of Chlorophyll Pigments and Related Proteins in Developing Plant Plastids; Ultrastructural Changes in Developing Plastids; Regulation of Nitrate Reductase and NADPH-Protochlorophyllide Reductase Activity in Higher Plants as NADPH-depending Enzymes; Molecular Conformation and Localization of Membrane Proteins; Molecular Basis of Plant Stress Response; Use of DNA markers in Molecular taxonomy of Parasitic Plants.


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Patent - No 60 672/05.02.1996. (54) Preparation for regulation of the nitrate content in the higher plants. BG 60672 B1.

Patent No 60 673/05.02.1996. (54) Preparation for regulation of the nitrate content in the higher plants. BG 60673 B1.

CERTIFICATE AND TECHNOLOGY FOR PRODUCTION OF NITROPYRIN® - for decreasing the free nitrates in salad, cucumber and other vegetables. Issued on the basis of the two patents, medical tests, field tests, technology etc.).